Moving Stress

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Moving Stress

What can I say moving is stressful!

We just closed on our home this morning and you get to sign a ton of papers that by the end I’m struggling to sign my name over and over again. By the time that was done in about 1 hour we walked away with keys to our new home. Now the real fun begins… I took the rest of the day off work but planned to make the entire move over the weekend. We do have grandparents coming to help watch the kids but by the end of the day we moved two very large 17 foot Uhaul trucks full of our stuff. Ok we are not professional movers so we don’t pack the truck to the ceiling like they would but we filled it well in my opinion. Physically we are beat and have lots to do tomorrow to make it all happen. I have lots of tips to share to make a move cheap- watch for that in a future post! Keeping positive we load one item at a time and know that is how we will get it all done, one step at a time!

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