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Moving Stress

What can I say moving is stressful! We just closed on our home this morning and you get to sign a ton of papers that by the end I’m struggling to sign my name over and over again. By the time that was done in about 1 hour we walked away with keys to our…
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How I saved over 1,200 oz of Breast Milk in 3 months!

HOW I SAVED OVER 1,200 OUNCES OF BREAST MILK IN 3 MONTHS Breast milk is best. We hear it from the doctors, nurses, lactation consultants but most importantly I can see it from my baby. Not all mothers can provide breast milk for their babies and some have a very difficult time producing enough. Fortunately…
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Hello world!

Hello out there! I’m new, as in brand new to blogging. I’ve read and followed many great blogs, so why am I deciding to share about my life? My life is like yours, busy and full of chaos but I think I have great ideas to share and this is a little of my time…
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